Benefits of banana fruit

You like yellow color, me too. If you vegetarian or fruit lover, you can try a banana; this fruit dominant with yellow color when mature and directly to eat.

Banana can be raw to create delicious food, not only it; banana contains vitamins and carbohydrates, and its safety to eat when you diet.

benefit of banana

so, this post me will write about benefit a banana

this fruit can induces digestion

you have experience with colic, you will get it if you eat the wrong food for your body, but banana is one of more food will safety to eat and make your stomach healthy.

Banana meat has a soft texture and easy to digestible, and consume a banana every day, make you free from diarrheal diseases.

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If you are already pregnant, you must consume it to reduce morning sickness, because banana contains vitamin B6, this vitamin will decrease nausea and vomiting.

very good for blood pressure

banana also useful for stabilizing blood in the body, The American heart association ( AHA ) recommended consuming banana for people with hypertension. Still, it’s not worked if that person always consumes the wrong food, like food with many salts.

prevent people from a stroke

when you get old age, food will eat must be controlled to keep the body always healthy, you must eat natural food like fruit, vegetable, and grain growing on earth. Banana can be food to consume every day to keep a grandfather or grandmother always healthy.

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banana good for skin

banana meat contains vitamin C and nutrition, so you can be using a banana to be a lotion mask for your face, but you must use mature banana meat. 

Banana meat can you grind or blend; after that, you can spread to your face for 15 minutes, more excellent, you can use honey or yogurt to make your face moist.

This fruit grows in many worlds with many species. in Indonesia has 22 types of banana. You like this post, don,t worry about giving your like, thanks to you.

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