A honey bee can die after sting once

honey bee is insect production of honey. To make honey, need nectar from flower and saliva from the honey bee.

A thousand groups of honey bee will cooperate to create honey, honey is food reserves and uses to eat the bee larva.

Bee has a sting to protect the nest. But this sting only uses once; after that, the bee will die.

Why is that happen??

You know, the sting is a part of the body, while its using, this sting will separate from the body. So bee will die.

Sting will continue to stick in the body and injecting venom, so if you get stung, you must pull out from your skin.

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Only the queen bee has sting not separate from the body after use, and one nest only has one. If born mere queen on a nest, another queen will be fighting over the nest throne.

Not only protect the nest, but honey bee also will sting if feel threatened.

People get injured by that, will feel swollen skin and itchy, but if they get many more, it can be dangerous.

What must-do if get stung?? You must clean your skin with clean water and soap, and finding sting is still attached. Next, use ice to reduce pain in part of the skin have stung.

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Venom from honey bee not dangerous because many people in my country use this sting to create traditional medicine.

The honey bee is part of life; many flowers can produce pollination with this insect; without the honey bee, we never eat honey, and trees and flowers will disappear.

More than 90% flowering plant on earth need bee to pollination, and only 10% plant can be manual pollination by a human.

You are using pesticides to kill pests; Its effect on a bee when putting nectar on a flower.

Love your earth, take care of it.

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