Traditional food you can eat when in west Papua

while you get a vacation in West Papua, Indonesia country. you will meet a beautiful place never you see in another country, not only it. You can try eating traditional food.

Traditional Food from West Papua make from natural ingredients be characteristic and unique; local people live in here like this food.


food in west papua
Papeda food from west papua

papeda is food created with sago flour or people in another world call tapioca starch. Taste from papeda is insipidity, soft on the tongue like white porridge.

To serve food more delicious, you can eat with tuna fish dish have cooked with turmeric.

I feel papeda only food to replace rice because of rice plants hard to grow here.

Martabak Sagu,

unique food papua

this food came from Fakfak district and now be characteristic of West Papua.

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To make Martabak Sagu, local people using tapioca starch then fried, after then, mixing with brown sugar.

You want to taste it, visit on west Papua on Indonesia Country.

Sate Ulat Sagu

caterpilar food

this food contains a lot of protein, but you need the nerve to eat this.

Sate Ulat Sagu make with caterpillar has been roasted with charcoal fire.

Local people love to consume this food because they contain high protein and can boost immunity.

Udang Selingkuh

unique shrimp

Why local people called the name ” Udang Selingkuh, ” Udang in the English language is Shrimp, this food using a type shrimp with claws like a crab.  Selingkuh, if convert to the English language, is having an affair. Local people believe Udang Selingkuh is Shrimp having a fair with crab, so has been born Shrimp with crab claws. But, I am not sure if it right or not.

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Taste it very delicious like lobster and only in west Papua.

grilled fish Manokwari.

grilled fish manokwari west papua

This food available if you come to Manokwari city, West Papua. Type of fish has used to create mackerel tuna. This food is very delicious with spicy taste and typical from West Papua.

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