beautifull buildings ever made and very magnificent

an architect must be able to create a building design is beautiful, strong and also magnificent. however, who have high imagination, so that they can create very unique buildings make some people call amazing.

dubai frame , dubai uni emirat arab

Photo by Kon Karampelas on
Photo by Thais Cordeiro on

architect : fernando donis

size : width : 150 meters, high : 150 Meters.

inspired by photo frames, this building is the largest frame in the world.

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2. atomium, brussels, belgia

Photo by fotografierende on
Photo by fotografierende on

This building ideas by engineers Andre waterkeyn and helped by architects Andre andJean Polak. this building has the fastest elevator in the world with a speed of 18 km / hour

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3.cube house, rotterdam , netherlands.

Photo by Karin S on
Photo by Stas Knop on

architect : piet blom. live is urban describe this building. the idea using a house is tilted 45 degrees and resting on a hexagon-shaped pole. this design can make the room more spacious.

4.dancing house, praha, czech republlik.

Photo by Palu Malerba on

dancing house designed by vlado munic collaboration with frank gehry in 1992. this building create very unique and different with other buildings.

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