what to pay attention to when it comes to Indonesia

this country has many tourist destinations that are very beautiful and safe for anyone. One that is quite famous is the island of Bali.

Here, a variety of cultures and natural beauty can be found, and anyone can visit here as long as they meet the terms and conditions of the Indonesian state.

travel tips indonesia
travel tips when you come indonesia

Passport is an important requirement that foreign tourists visiting Indonesia must have. In order to maintain security for everyone, there are regulations that prohibit citizens from certain countries from coming here.

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After you have a passport, you are able to visit favorite places of foreign tourists, such as Bali Island, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat on Papua Island and so on.

When in Indonesia, don’t forget to exchange your currency for rupiah, and save it in an official Indonesian bank account. Carrying too many banknotes will be very dangerous and it will be safer to use a debit or credit card.

One of the banks that I recommend is BCA bank, because this company has the largest branch in Indonesia and is the most widely used.

using Bank BCA

BCA is that Bank Central Asia has many advantages, such as a convenient internet banking application, cash withdrawal features at various minimarkets, and so on.
If you like to stay at restaurants, hotels, using BCA bank is the right choice, because almost all places accept cash payments by debit cards and credit cards from this bank.

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Changing money from dollars to rupiah can also be done easily, because many merchants and minimarkets have worked together.
To become a BCA bank customer, citizens from other countries who already have a passport in Indonesia can join, the conditions are easy, you only need to bring your passport and official identification card and it is still valid from the country of origin.

speak english slowly.

When visiting Indonesia, there are times when you will experience something lost and need help from others.

In order for other people to know what you mean, you must be able to use English, because this language is the most widely spoken language.

However, not all Indonesians are fluent in English.
when you enter a village area you should be accustomed to speaking english slowly. Common questions that are easy to answer such as
Where am I now?
How much it costs ?
Can you show me the direction of the nearest hotel?

However, it’s a different story if you are at a hotel or airport, you can freely speak normal English, because the workers there must understand and understand.

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