Typical food from Yogyakarta province in Indonesia country,

if you come to Indonesia to spend your vacation in the temple of Borobudur and Prambanan, your journey never completes if you did not try to eat different food from my country.

Yes, you can try many types of food, never you meet in your country; it’s only in Indonesia. This food already exists from last.

Although much new food like fast food from KFC, McDonald, Starbuck, this food still fell delicious, and many travelers love it.

This type of traditional food still exists in Yogyakarta

delicious snack called name Geplak

this food created with coconut and sugar; this food feels delicious, sweet, and soft. Price this food is very cheap and be favorite local people, to feel greater when eating this, you can drink with tea. 

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I like to buy this for a souvenir for my family at home, but this food created without preservatives, so this food only ages two days after created.

food from cassava called Gatot

Gatot is food that feels tasty; if you eat this with a glass of coffee, this food created with 100% from nature. To create it, people use cassava, sugar, and grated coconut. Never use coloring agents, and preservatives make this food very good for your body, but this food has short durable. The most extended age for this food after created is one day, so you can not using this be a souvenir; you buy you eat.

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” Tiwul “delicious and sweet in the mouth

Tiwul is a popular traditional food and ever be a staple food for local people. Before people in Indonesia country get independence, they very hard to get rice, and only cassava can easy to find. The Price of rice very expensive, and only rich people can buy rice.

If people not eat, people will die, so to still alive, they make food will eat every day; they called Tiwul.

This food created from cassava and 100% from nature, so this food keeps your health. 

Local people or foreign tourists must try this food if they come to Jogjakarta to spend a vacation.

Food created from young jackfruit named Gudeg

Gudeg is the typical food from Yogyakarta, many foreign tourists like this food after they try it, this food very unique because created by young jackfruit.

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Your journey in Yogyakarta never complete before trying all typical food in here.

This food has develope by local people to be more variant and taste. From all types of food has me write in this post, Gudeg is popular food loved by local people and tourists from another country.

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