indonesia vacation certified UNESCO

Vacation destination on Indonesia certified by UNESCO. Indonesia has many locations to save the culture and history of people in the past. UNESCO is implying the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. This organization supports peace and safety with promoted cooperation between countries through educational, scientific, and cultural. Every location certified by UNESCO will […]

unique food in west papua

Traditional food you can eat when in west Papua while you get a vacation in West Papua, Indonesia country. you will meet a beautiful place never you see in another country, not only it. You can try eating traditional food. Traditional Food from West Papua make from natural ingredients be characteristic and unique; local people […]

Best tourist spots in Bali Indonesia

vacation spots must visited in bali island if you choose Indonesia country to be your vacation, you must visit in Bali island. This place is the best visiting international tourists.  In this land, you will meet a unique spot for tourist attractions like cultural festivals, historic sites and beautiful places, resort, and hotel too. In […]