Different people meaning pink color in another country

color has a sense and representative of a feeling or situation. in marketing products, the color used to grow sales point with finding favorite people color.

Pink is color has a representative symbol of girl,  love, concern, mildness, etc.

But, in some countries, pink has a different mean, so this post I will describe it.

INDIA country

In India country have a district named Jaipur. this place has another name called ” Pink City. “

in PInk City, many buildings using pink color on exterior and interior.

Local people choose pink because this color has history and significance.

In the 19th century, prince wales and queen victoria came to India.

After that, the leader of Jaipur named Maharaja Ramh Singh instructs to coloring all buildings in the city with a pink color.

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The pink color in Jaipur district symbolizes a friendly for important guests will come.

Until now, Jaipur, with a pink color, makes a favorite vacation, and many tourists come here.

Japan Country

if another country, pink color symbolized a girl, but in japan country, pink is identical for men.

Sakura is a flower colored pink characteristic from Japan. When a particular season, the Sakura flower is fallen, it describes a soldier who has died when war.

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China country.

China is one of the biggest countries in the world, with many kingdoms in the past. Before, people in this country meet people from the west country, like America and Europe. People in China do not recognize the pink color. They only know, pink is red.

But, after people from the west country meet china people, they can differentiate Pink, and Red is a different color.

The red color in china represents luck and happiness.

Until now, people in china assume pink, and Red has the same representative.

Many cultural celebrations and festivals using Red and Pink colors.

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