can unlock iphone lock icloud

why iPhone very safety with iCloud

Apple has a corporation created iPhone has many customers and lovers. Every launched new iPhone product, peoples in the very world enthusiast to buy or look at whats is new features in the new iPhone product.

Some people assume if the iPhone is a brand, give social status in some countries, like Indonesia.

iphone lock icloud

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This phone has a fantastic camera with high performance for gaming or editing, and one feature makes this phone very exclusive is security.

Every data in storage in a phone like an image, music, documents is precious. However, the iPhone has stolen, data will back, and always safety if the user has activated iCloud.

To access the iPhone, a user can use a login pin, fingerprint, or face id. But if it fails twice, the user must insert a password from the iCloud account.

Until now, the iCloud account gives data in iPhone safety, can not hack, crack, or other tools. So every user data privacy is safe.

iPhone has locked with iCloud account never used until the correct insert password. Many tools and services I find to unlock an iCloud account, but all fail. Because iPhone always launched a new software update to protect their devices.

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The bypass is a solution to using the iPhone has locked by iCloud, but it has more lack, and many features will disappear. Bypass iPhone only works for some software updated version, and the iPhone never be updated to new iOS software.

Bypass trick has used in stolen iPhones; it only accesses iPhone but not access data files in the storage on the iCloud account. So, you must be wary if you meet the iPhone at a low price, you will get bugs when using bypass iPhone. One more trick to know the iPhone has a bypass; you can check the number of IMEI with iTunes.

how different chameleon and iguana

the difference between chameleon and iguana

Iguana and chameleon a kind of reptile; they have similar but different. If you like a snake as a pet, you can try to maintain chameleon or iguana.

They did not have venom and easy to find favorite food.

When growing up, you can easy to differentiate them, but not easy if newborn. So I will write the difference between iguana and chameleon.

Named of iguana originated from taino language, this language using tribe from America. They call named Iwana when meeting iguana.

iaguana and chameleon
iguana picture from pixabay

Ability to change skin color.

To hide from predators like a bird, snake, they can change skin color. But they only turn color the same as depending on the circumstances.

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Chameleon can change skin color while born, but iguana only has that ability when growing up

The most crucial food

chameleon consume insect be main food to live and activity, and iguana is consuming vegetable also eat insect be a protein source. Still, it’s only little not as much chameleon eat.

difference iguana and chameleon
chameleon picture by pixabay

head size

iguana has a head bigger than a chameleon, but chameleon has ahead with more taper than an iguana. When they were born, you can easily look different.

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body size

when born, they have the same size, but iguana has a big body than a chameleon; iguana can grow up to 2 meters long, but chameleon only grows up to 5,5 centimeters.


chameleon can found in gardens, forests, or place with many trees and insects to eat, but iguana found in the tropical forest in west America.

whip on the neck

if you see under the neck part, you will meet a skin named neck strand; iguana has a longer than a chameleon, this whip can know how old an iguana.

body with thorn

iguana and chameleon have thorns in their body, but chameleon only has it from back head to neck, while iguana has as long their body. 

Purpose pink color in every country

Different people meaning pink color in another country

color has a sense and representative of a feeling or situation. in marketing products, the color used to grow sales point with finding favorite people color.

Pink is color has a representative symbol of girl,  love, concern, mildness, etc.

But, in some countries, pink has a different mean, so this post I will describe it.

INDIA country

pink color in india

In India country have a district named Jaipur. this place has another name called ” Pink City. “

in PInk City, many buildings using pink color on exterior and interior.

Local people choose pink because this color has history and significance.

In the 19th century, prince wales and queen victoria came to India.

After that, the leader of Jaipur named Maharaja Ramh Singh instructs to coloring all buildings in the city with a pink color.

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The pink color in Jaipur district symbolizes a friendly for important guests will come.

Until now, Jaipur, with a pink color, makes a favorite vacation, and many tourists come here.

Japan Country

flower of sakura

if another country, pink color symbolized a girl, but in japan country, pink is identical for men.

Sakura is a flower colored pink characteristic from Japan. When a particular season, the Sakura flower is fallen, it describes a soldier who has died when war.

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China country.

culture festival in china

China is one of the biggest countries in the world, with many kingdoms in the past. Before, people in this country meet people from the west country, like America and Europe. People in China do not recognize the pink color. They only know, pink is red.

But, after people from the west country meet china people, they can differentiate Pink, and Red is a different color.

The red color in china represents luck and happiness.

Until now, people in china assume pink, and Red has the same representative.

Many cultural celebrations and festivals using Red and Pink colors.

indonesia vacation certified UNESCO

Vacation destination on Indonesia certified by UNESCO.

Indonesia has many locations to save the culture and history of people in the past.

UNESCO is implying the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. This organization supports peace and safety with promoted cooperation between countries through educational, scientific, and cultural.

Every location certified by UNESCO will give uniqueness. I feel happy because Indonesia country has it.

Komodo island

komodo island vacation

this location using to conserve Komodo Dragon, and be one of the more exclusive vacations in Indonesia country.

You never meet this animal In Other Country.

If you come here, you can rent a tour guide, local people here friendly and love tourists. You will learn how Komodo dragon lives, eat, and breed.

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Not only it, but this island also save more beautiful scenery and beach with pink sand.

Temple of Borobudur

temple borobudur

Indonesia is a country with many religions and cultures, but people always peace with others.

Located in Borobudur village, Magelang city, central java. This temple easy to access tourists with a cheap ticket.

Borobudur is the biggest temple of the Hindu religion in the world. It builds in 800. so, this temple is very ancient.

Until now, never people know how Borobudur its made, temple structural used carved stone, there No cement in that era.

The stone used to build is hard, heavy, and not easy to chisel.

read : chameleon and iguana.

If you visit here, you will see ancient people create excellent structure and learn many more.

Temple of Prambanan.

temple of prambanan

After Borobudur, you also visit the temple of Prambanan, located in Sleman district, Yogyakarta Province, and easy to access, make this always be a favorite destination to vacation.

This temple built in the 19th century and get certified by UNESCO in 1991.

until now, this temple still in use to Hindu religious activities.

When you come here, you also see the garden with fresh air for your breath. Local people love using this place te create beautiful prewedding photography.

National Parks Ujung Kulon.

national park for rhinoceros

This national park is the first official in Indonesia country. Function to conserve rhinoceros, this animal very Protected by the government.

It located on the foot of a Krakatau mountain with a surface area of 122.956 hectares.

Rhinoceros is a part ancient animal still exist until now. If you see life with your eye, this animal has skin like a characteristic of the dinosaur.

With this national park, rhinoceros can live and breed without a hunter or trap.

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Not only rhinoceros, its habitable other animals, like the leopard, Bull, Gibbons, etc.

Ancient human site Sangiran.

ancient human meseum

In central java save an old human site, this place will give tourists new experiences about humans history in ancient times.

This site called the name Sangiran. Many world scientists come here to learn about human fossils from ancient times. This site founded by a man from the Netherlands called name Eugene Dubois in 1883.

not far from this location, be found a museum collected various objects related to ancient humans like fossils and artifacts.

UNESCO has certified this site and museum in 1996, and everyone can visit here.

This post only shows someplace certified by UNESCO in Indonesia country. Indonesia still has many places certified by UNESCO.

tourist activity in Raja Ampat Indonesia

beautiful scenery for tourist on Raja Ampat

Indonesia saves many fantastic places for vacation; one or more, it is raja Ampat. Located in Waisai district, West Papua Province, it has 610 beautiful islands, one of them called the name Misool island, Salawati, Balanta, and Waigeo.

 But, only 35 islands have habitable by humans, others not touchable or never explored, and not have a name.

Many tourists from another world come in here, local people called Raja Ampat is hidden heaven in west Indonesia.

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If you visit here, you can get a tourist activity must do.

Best spot diving in the world

in the bottom sea in Raja Ampat, the diver can meet an amazing underwater world. You must know 75% of marine life on earth lives in here.

Local people here so friendly and tourists can communicate while enjoying the beautiful village.

visit Misool island to see beautiful scenery

picture by

your journey not complete if you never in here. During the trip, you will meet various types of tours in Raja Ampat.

meet beautiful lagoon

picture by

here you can see fantastic lagoon shaped like a star, with fresh air and clear water. Only rich tourists with more money can visit Raja Ampat. 

extraordinary island cluster in the world

if you like photography, this place can use for the prewedding background, group of the island looks very wonderfull, with blue sea and clean water.

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This island not inhabited by humans makes a place natural.

sunbathing in the white sand island.

pucture from

In Raja Ampat, you can meet the island only has white sand, and you can be sunbathing in here or take a picture. When high tide, you never come on this island because seawater covered this.

See live with your eye, Cendrawasih bird.

If you come to Sawinggrai village, you will meet the Cendrawasih bird. This bird is iconic in Papua, and one of the rare birds has protected by the government Indonesia country.

If you not lucky, you never meet this bird, but you do not sad, you can see beautiful scenery in this village.

unique food in west papua

Traditional food you can eat when in west Papua

while you get a vacation in West Papua, Indonesia country. you will meet a beautiful place never you see in another country, not only it. You can try eating traditional food.

Traditional Food from West Papua make from natural ingredients be characteristic and unique; local people live in here like this food.


food in west papua
Papeda food from west papua

papeda is food created with sago flour or people in another world call tapioca starch. Taste from papeda is insipidity, soft on the tongue like white porridge.

To serve food more delicious, you can eat with tuna fish dish have cooked with turmeric.

I feel papeda only food to replace rice because of rice plants hard to grow here.

Martabak Sagu,

unique food papua

this food came from Fakfak district and now be characteristic of West Papua.

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To make Martabak Sagu, local people using tapioca starch then fried, after then, mixing with brown sugar.

You want to taste it, visit on west Papua on Indonesia Country.

Sate Ulat Sagu

caterpilar food

this food contains a lot of protein, but you need the nerve to eat this.

Sate Ulat Sagu make with caterpillar has been roasted with charcoal fire.

Local people love to consume this food because they contain high protein and can boost immunity.

Udang Selingkuh

unique shrimp

Why local people called the name ” Udang Selingkuh, ” Udang in the English language is Shrimp, this food using a type shrimp with claws like a crab.  Selingkuh, if convert to the English language, is having an affair. Local people believe Udang Selingkuh is Shrimp having a fair with crab, so has been born Shrimp with crab claws. But, I am not sure if it right or not.

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Taste it very delicious like lobster and only in west Papua.

grilled fish Manokwari.

grilled fish manokwari west papua

This food available if you come to Manokwari city, West Papua. Type of fish has used to create mackerel tuna. This food is very delicious with spicy taste and typical from West Papua.

Best tourist spots in Bali Indonesia

vacation spots must visited in bali island

if you choose Indonesia country to be your vacation, you must visit in Bali island. This place is the best visiting international tourists. 

In this land, you will meet a unique spot for tourist attractions like cultural festivals, historic sites and beautiful places, resort, and hotel too.

In these posts, I have summarized several places to visit.

Kuta beach

beautifull beach in bali

Kuta beach is the most famous and visiting by tourists when in Bali, one of the reasons why many visitors love this beach, because of that location near with airport. 

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Not only it, but this beach also give beautiful beach with waves loves by surfers.

You like to watch the sunset; you will get it on Kuta beach.

Padang Padang beach

tourist spots bali

this beach not famous, but if you visit this, you will meet beautiful beaches with uniqueness.

Padang Padang is a small beach hidden behind a cliff and located in Pecatu, near Uluwatu.

read : indonesia vacation certified by unesco.

To visit this, the visitor must through the stairs splitting the cliff.

This beach is a favorite for international tourists in Bali.

temple Besakih

big temple bali island

Besakih is the biggest temple in Bali, located in the foot of Agung mountain.

In temple Besakih, Hindu religious ceremonies often performed.

People here believe if temple Besakih is a holy place and parent of all temple in Bali.

You want to enter; a tourist must be using special clothes that have provided.

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monkey forest

beautiful place in bali

this place will make a visitor feel one with nature. 

We are located in Ubud, Bali. This forest is the place for wild monkeys.

People in here protect this monkey and not kill him, because they believe if the monkey is sacred and holy.

Monkeys in here love food; they will try to grab food that brought by the tourist.

lake Beratan Bedugul.

unique temple and famous

This lake will give tourists feel fresh with a natural atmosphere and uniqueness.

You also see a temple name Ulun Danu Located on the lake and the main attraction. You also can rent a boat to explore it.

temple Tanah Lot.

unique temple in bali

This temple will give beautiful scenery during sunset. And this is one of the famous places in Bali.

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Temple stands on a giant coral reef on the sea look unique.

While high tide, you never approaching the temple because of giant coral will be flooded. If you are waiting for low tide, you will meet a docile snake. People in this place believe that it is the holy snake, and the visitor can touch the snake. 

Snake not dangerous and safe to handle, but you do not hurt her.

best beach in indonesia for vacation

Beautiful Indonesian beach for vacation

if you want to find a location to spend your rest, you can visit Indonesia country; in Indonesia, you will meet more places you must visit because it gives more happiness and more new experience.

One of the more types of tourist attractions must you visit a tropical beach, many beautiful beaches with fresh air and clean water like glass with beautiful natural scenery can you meet in Indonesia.

Pink beach komodo island

komodo dragon in beach
komodo island, picture by
beach in komodo island
pink beach in komodo island

if you on a beach, you will see the white sand, but you will get a different experience if you visit on Komodo island.

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Why is sand pink color?? The pink color comes from coral flakes and biota drift current mixed with sand.

On this beach, you can get activities like snorkeling or diving.

One of the uniqueness of this island never you meet in another country, you can journey to meet Komodo dragons. 

It would be best if you had a tour guide to explore the island.

pandawa beach, Denpasar, Bali,

best beach in indonesia

one of the more favorite destinations for tourists in Indonesia country, is in Denpasar.

In this land, you will meet many cultures and friendly citizens.

Pandawa beach places you must visit if you in here, located in Kutuh Village, south of Bali island.

To get here, you must more struggle, because of this beach hidden behind a cliff. Some mention this Secret beach in Bali.

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This beach has white sand and a beautiful sea, you can play sport water like paragliding.

If you come to Pandawa beach on the march, you will meet the cultural festival of the Hindu religion and Budha religion.

Derawan Beach, east Kalimantan.

derawan beach in east kalimantan

this beach included in the 63rd order of the CNN magazine ” 100 best beaches in The World “.

Derawan island has easy accommodations and reachable, and this is the reason why all tourists in the world love visiting here.

Here, tourists can be swimming in fresh and clean water, not only it, and you can meet with turtle and stingray.

why honey bee death after sting

A honey bee can die after sting once

honey bee is insect production of honey. To make honey, need nectar from flower and saliva from the honey bee.

A thousand groups of honey bee will cooperate to create honey, honey is food reserves and uses to eat the bee larva.

Bee has a sting to protect the nest. But this sting only uses once; after that, the bee will die.

Why is that happen??

You know, the sting is a part of the body, while its using, this sting will separate from the body. So bee will die.

honey bee make

Sting will continue to stick in the body and injecting venom, so if you get stung, you must pull out from your skin.

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Only the queen bee has sting not separate from the body after use, and one nest only has one. If born mere queen on a nest, another queen will be fighting over the nest throne.

Not only protect the nest, but honey bee also will sting if feel threatened.

People get injured by that, will feel swollen skin and itchy, but if they get many more, it can be dangerous.

What must-do if get stung?? You must clean your skin with clean water and soap, and finding sting is still attached. Next, use ice to reduce pain in part of the skin have stung.

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Venom from honey bee not dangerous because many people in my country use this sting to create traditional medicine.

The honey bee is part of life; many flowers can produce pollination with this insect; without the honey bee, we never eat honey, and trees and flowers will disappear.

More than 90% flowering plant on earth need bee to pollination, and only 10% plant can be manual pollination by a human.

You are using pesticides to kill pests; Its effect on a bee when putting nectar on a flower.

Love your earth, take care of it.