Vacation destination on Indonesia certified by UNESCO.

Indonesia has many locations to save the culture and history of people in the past.

UNESCO is implying the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. This organization supports peace and safety with promoted cooperation between countries through educational, scientific, and cultural.

Every location certified by UNESCO will give uniqueness. I feel happy because Indonesia country has it.

Komodo island

this location using to conserve Komodo Dragon, and be one of the more exclusive vacations in Indonesia country.

You never meet this animal In Other Country.

If you come here, you can rent a tour guide, local people here friendly and love tourists. You will learn how Komodo dragon lives, eat, and breed.

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Not only it, but this island also save more beautiful scenery and beach with pink sand.

Temple of Borobudur

Indonesia is a country with many religions and cultures, but people always peace with others.

Located in Borobudur village, Magelang city, central java. This temple easy to access tourists with a cheap ticket.

Borobudur is the biggest temple of the Hindu religion in the world. It builds in 800. so, this temple is very ancient.

Until now, never people know how Borobudur its made, temple structural used carved stone, there No cement in that era.

The stone used to build is hard, heavy, and not easy to chisel.

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If you visit here, you will see ancient people create excellent structure and learn many more.

Temple of Prambanan.

After Borobudur, you also visit the temple of Prambanan, located in Sleman district, Yogyakarta Province, and easy to access, make this always be a favorite destination to vacation.

This temple built in the 19th century and get certified by UNESCO in 1991.

until now, this temple still in use to Hindu religious activities.

When you come here, you also see the garden with fresh air for your breath. Local people love using this place te create beautiful prewedding photography.

National Parks Ujung Kulon.

This national park is the first official in Indonesia country. Function to conserve rhinoceros, this animal very Protected by the government.

It located on the foot of a Krakatau mountain with a surface area of 122.956 hectares.

Rhinoceros is a part ancient animal still exist until now. If you see life with your eye, this animal has skin like a characteristic of the dinosaur.

With this national park, rhinoceros can live and breed without a hunter or trap.

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Not only rhinoceros, its habitable other animals, like the leopard, Bull, Gibbons, etc.

Ancient human site Sangiran.

In central java save an old human site, this place will give tourists new experiences about humans history in ancient times.

This site called the name Sangiran. Many world scientists come here to learn about human fossils from ancient times. This site founded by a man from the Netherlands called name Eugene Dubois in 1883.

not far from this location, be found a museum collected various objects related to ancient humans like fossils and artifacts.

UNESCO has certified this site and museum in 1996, and everyone can visit here.

This post only shows someplace certified by UNESCO in Indonesia country. Indonesia still has many places certified by UNESCO.

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