the difference between chameleon and iguana

Iguana and chameleon a kind of reptile; they have similar but different. If you like a snake as a pet, you can try to maintain chameleon or iguana.

They did not have venom and easy to find favorite food.

When growing up, you can easy to differentiate them, but not easy if newborn. So I will write the difference between iguana and chameleon.

Named of iguana originated from taino language, this language using tribe from America. They call named Iwana when meeting iguana.

iguana picture from pixabay

Ability to change skin color.

To hide from predators like a bird, snake, they can change skin color. But they only turn color the same as depending on the circumstances.

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Chameleon can change skin color while born, but iguana only has that ability when growing up

The most crucial food

chameleon consume insect be main food to live and activity, and iguana is consuming vegetable also eat insect be a protein source. Still, it’s only little not as much chameleon eat.

chameleon picture by pixabay

head size

iguana has a head bigger than a chameleon, but chameleon has ahead with more taper than an iguana. When they were born, you can easily look different.

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body size

when born, they have the same size, but iguana has a big body than a chameleon; iguana can grow up to 2 meters long, but chameleon only grows up to 5,5 centimeters.


chameleon can found in gardens, forests, or place with many trees and insects to eat, but iguana found in the tropical forest in west America.

whip on the neck

if you see under the neck part, you will meet a skin named neck strand; iguana has a longer than a chameleon, this whip can know how old an iguana.

body with thorn

iguana and chameleon have thorns in their body, but chameleon only has it from back head to neck, while iguana has as long their body. 

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