benefits if you consume guava leaf

Indonesia country is a tropical season, so this saves many plants from creating a drug. Traditional medicine is an alternative for local people who want cheap and safe.

Guava is fruits from America that have many benefits for a treat your health; in Indonesia, guava can meet and afford to buy.

guava fruit

Leaf from the guava tree has benefits be medicine to colic, diarrhea. To make it very easy, you can directly eat the blade, or you mix it with a glass sugar or juice.

prevent from cancer

you want to know another benefit about it, read below

control blood sugar level in your body.

If your blood sugar level too high in your body, you can try to consume leaf because many local people in my country have been attempting it.

Many people with diabetes always drink tea made from guava leaf, and it’s useful.

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You must know, diabetes is disease cause stroke, and many people with blood sugar level too high, make him died.

make your hearth to keep healthy.

fruits to keep health

Vitamin and antioxidants in guava leaf can protect the heart from disease. Part of your body Never stop work when you sleep is your heart, so if this part not works, you died.

Heart disease can happen if too many cholesterols in your body.

relieve pain when menstruation.

benefits guava leaf

You women, when you get menstruation, you feel pain, so if you want to relieve it, you can eat juice from guava leaf. Ancient time local people in Indonesia using it, but now much modern medicine and people choose it, because more simple.

prevent from cancer.

Cancer is a dangerous disease has many kill human, and until now, not yet found an effective medicine to cure it. But, you also prevent it from consuming fruit or natural vegetable.

Drink a glass tea made guava leaf can prevent cell damage; because cancer born from broken sell in your body.

very good for your digestion.

Every people in my country know if consume guava leaf can protect the stomach for colin, and much modern medicine creates from raw guava leaf.

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