tips when on the plane

There are times when we have to travel long distances, and one of the quickest solutions is by plane. However, what happens if we have a child who is impossible to stay and must be invited to go.
Maybe this is a bit of a hassle, but there are tips that you should do so that the baby you are carrying can be safe while on the plane.

Come to the airport sooner

Parents who bring their children must come to the airport 2 or 3 hours before the plane departs, this aims to prevent unexpected events, such as a child wanting to defecate, falling asleep, and other unexpected events.
Just imagine, if when the plane was about to leave your child suddenly asked to defecate. It must be really troublesome

Use a porter to transport goods and suitcases onto the plane.

If you have trouble carrying your suitcase and items, you can use a freight porter to help you. But remember, don’t put valuables in the suitcase, just in case.

flying tips with baby

put identification on your child.

To minimize unexpected events, such as missing or lost children. Pairing identification cards to children is highly recommended. You can attach it to bracelets, necklaces and clothes.
If your child is released or lost at the airport, with an identification, it can be easier for officers to find it.

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Bring children’s necessities in a separate suitcase

When inviting children to travel, the important thing is to make sure we bring their complete needs such as clothes, diapers, favorite toys, etc.
This aims to overcome in the event of unexpected events such as plane delay, children vomiting vomiting, wet clothes from spilled drinks.

Always bring wet wipes and dry wipes

Tissue is a mandatory item that many people always carry when traveling, so don’t forget it.

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Bring more diapers.

The air pressure and temperature on board the plane can affect the tummy of your baby and child. So bringing more diapers is more beneficial.

Bring earplugs for your child and baby.

The pain in the ear that will occur when the plane is about to take off can happen to your child or your baby. So use earplugs, you can wear a headset or regular earplugs.

Feed your child or baby when the plane takes off and lands

The goal is that your child’s ear doesn’t hurt, for the baby, you can feed him with milk.
By giving food to children, you can prevent colds.

You can bring your own food from home

If your child has allergies to several types of food, you can bring your own food from home, because later if your child gets sick on the plane, you will be very troublesome.

Save some playable offline videos or games.

Because on planes, smartphones cannot be used to connect to the network, so you can use your smartphone to entertain your children, with videos that make them not bored, or offline games.

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