print with pigment inks vs dye inks

Different between dye ink and pigment ink market sell any types of printer ink, and the most used is dye ink and pigment ink. This ink has deficiencies and advantages, so you must select the best for your work. Dye ink is type-based water; this ink sells very cheaply and safety for nozzle head, many […]

best ink and paper to print photo

What the paper and ink can choose you like photography or only take a picture with a smartphone camera, and you want to print out this, you must know how to select ink and paper recommended for you. If you come to the market, you will see so many printer brands like Epson, canon, brother, […]

can unlock iphone lock icloud

why iPhone very safety with iCloud Apple has a corporation created iPhone has many customers and lovers. Every launched new iPhone product, peoples in the very world enthusiast to buy or look at whats is new features in the new iPhone product. Some people assume if the iPhone is a brand, give social status in […]