5 flying tips with baby on airplane

what must You Should Know when travel 5 Flying Tips With Baby On Airplane You Should Know – There are many kinds of transportations we can use to travel to any places, to get to our destination. They are land transportation or ground transportation, water transportation, and air transportation. If you want to travel to […]

Top 9 Rated Bali Indonesian Vacation Resorts

The 9 Top Rated Bali Indonesian Vacation Resorts For You If You Are Planning To Visit Bali The 9 Top Rated Bali Indonesian Vacation Resorts For You If You Are Planning To Visit Bali – Bali is one of many islands in Indonesia which is very popular in the world. It becomes one of the […]

Travel tips when in Indonesia

what to pay attention to when it comes to Indonesia this country has many tourist destinations that are very beautiful and safe for anyone. One that is quite famous is the island of Bali. Here, a variety of cultures and natural beauty can be found, and anyone can visit here as long as they meet […]

how different chameleon and iguana

the difference between chameleon and iguana Iguana and chameleon a kind of reptile; they have similar but different. If you like a snake as a pet, you can try to maintain chameleon or iguana. They did not have venom and easy to find favorite food. When growing up, you can easy to differentiate them, but […]

Purpose pink color in every country

Different people meaning pink color in another country color has a sense and representative of a feeling or situation. in marketing products, the color used to grow sales point with finding favorite people color. Pink is color has a representative symbol of girl,  love, concern, mildness, etc. But, in some countries, pink has a different […]

indonesia vacation certified UNESCO

Vacation destination on Indonesia certified by UNESCO. Indonesia has many locations to save the culture and history of people in the past. UNESCO is implying the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. This organization supports peace and safety with promoted cooperation between countries through educational, scientific, and cultural. Every location certified by UNESCO will […]

tourist activity in Raja Ampat Indonesia

beautiful scenery for tourist on Raja Ampat Indonesia saves many fantastic places for vacation; one or more, it is raja Ampat. Located in Waisai district, West Papua Province, it has 610 beautiful islands, one of them called the name Misool island, Salawati, Balanta, and Waigeo.  But, only 35 islands have habitable by humans, others not […]

Best tourist spots in Bali Indonesia

vacation spots must visited in bali island if you choose Indonesia country to be your vacation, you must visit in Bali island. This place is the best visiting international tourists.  In this land, you will meet a unique spot for tourist attractions like cultural festivals, historic sites and beautiful places, resort, and hotel too. In […]

best beach in indonesia for vacation

Beautiful Indonesian beach for vacation if you want to find a location to spend your rest, you can visit Indonesia country; in Indonesia, you will meet more places you must visit because it gives more happiness and more new experience. One of the more types of tourist attractions must you visit a tropical beach, many […]