function guava leaf to keep healthy

benefits if you consume guava leaf Indonesia country is a tropical season, so this saves many plants from creating a drug. Traditional medicine is an alternative for local people who want cheap and safe. Guava is fruits from America that have many benefits for a treat your health; in Indonesia, guava can meet and afford […]

traditional food from yogyakarta indonesia

Typical food from Yogyakarta province in Indonesia country, if you come to Indonesia to spend your vacation in the temple of Borobudur and Prambanan, your journey never completes if you did not try to eat different food from my country. Yes, you can try many types of food, never you meet in your country; it’s […]

why you need banana every day

Benefits of banana fruit You like yellow color, me too. If you vegetarian or fruit lover, you can try a banana; this fruit dominant with yellow color when mature and directly to eat. Banana can be raw to create delicious food, not only it; banana contains vitamins and carbohydrates, and its safety to eat when […]

unique food in west papua

Traditional food you can eat when in west Papua while you get a vacation in West Papua, Indonesia country. you will meet a beautiful place never you see in another country, not only it. You can try eating traditional food. Traditional Food from West Papua make from natural ingredients be characteristic and unique; local people […]