vacation spots must visited in bali island

if you choose Indonesia country to be your vacation, you must visit in Bali island. This place is the best visiting international tourists. 

In this land, you will meet a unique spot for tourist attractions like cultural festivals, historic sites and beautiful places, resort, and hotel too.

In these posts, I have summarized several places to visit.

Kuta beach

beautifull beach in bali

Kuta beach is the most famous and visiting by tourists when in Bali, one of the reasons why many visitors love this beach, because of that location near with airport. 

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Not only it, but this beach also give beautiful beach with waves loves by surfers.

You like to watch the sunset; you will get it on Kuta beach.

Padang Padang beach

tourist spots bali

this beach not famous, but if you visit this, you will meet beautiful beaches with uniqueness.

Padang Padang is a small beach hidden behind a cliff and located in Pecatu, near Uluwatu.

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To visit this, the visitor must through the stairs splitting the cliff.

This beach is a favorite for international tourists in Bali.

temple Besakih

big temple bali island

Besakih is the biggest temple in Bali, located in the foot of Agung mountain.

In temple Besakih, Hindu religious ceremonies often performed.

People here believe if temple Besakih is a holy place and parent of all temple in Bali.

You want to enter; a tourist must be using special clothes that have provided.

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monkey forest

beautiful place in bali

this place will make a visitor feel one with nature. 

We are located in Ubud, Bali. This forest is the place for wild monkeys.

People in here protect this monkey and not kill him, because they believe if the monkey is sacred and holy.

Monkeys in here love food; they will try to grab food that brought by the tourist.

lake Beratan Bedugul.

unique temple and famous

This lake will give tourists feel fresh with a natural atmosphere and uniqueness.

You also see a temple name Ulun Danu Located on the lake and the main attraction. You also can rent a boat to explore it.

temple Tanah Lot.

unique temple in bali

This temple will give beautiful scenery during sunset. And this is one of the famous places in Bali.

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Temple stands on a giant coral reef on the sea look unique.

While high tide, you never approaching the temple because of giant coral will be flooded. If you are waiting for low tide, you will meet a docile snake. People in this place believe that it is the holy snake, and the visitor can touch the snake. 

Snake not dangerous and safe to handle, but you do not hurt her.

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