Beautiful Indonesian beach for vacation

if you want to find a location to spend your rest, you can visit Indonesia country; in Indonesia, you will meet more places you must visit because it gives more happiness and more new experience.

One of the more types of tourist attractions must you visit a tropical beach, many beautiful beaches with fresh air and clean water like glass with beautiful natural scenery can you meet in Indonesia.

Pink beach komodo island

komodo dragon in beach
komodo island, picture by
beach in komodo island
pink beach in komodo island

if you on a beach, you will see the white sand, but you will get a different experience if you visit on Komodo island.

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Why is sand pink color?? The pink color comes from coral flakes and biota drift current mixed with sand.

On this beach, you can get activities like snorkeling or diving.

One of the uniqueness of this island never you meet in another country, you can journey to meet Komodo dragons. 

It would be best if you had a tour guide to explore the island.

pandawa beach, Denpasar, Bali,

best beach in indonesia

one of the more favorite destinations for tourists in Indonesia country, is in Denpasar.

In this land, you will meet many cultures and friendly citizens.

Pandawa beach places you must visit if you in here, located in Kutuh Village, south of Bali island.

To get here, you must more struggle, because of this beach hidden behind a cliff. Some mention this Secret beach in Bali.

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This beach has white sand and a beautiful sea, you can play sport water like paragliding.

If you come to Pandawa beach on the march, you will meet the cultural festival of the Hindu religion and Budha religion.

Derawan Beach, east Kalimantan.

derawan beach in east kalimantan

this beach included in the 63rd order of the CNN magazine ” 100 best beaches in The World “.

Derawan island has easy accommodations and reachable, and this is the reason why all tourists in the world love visiting here.

Here, tourists can be swimming in fresh and clean water, not only it, and you can meet with turtle and stingray.

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