unique buildings design in world

beautifull buildings ever made and very magnificent an architect must be able to create a building design is beautiful, strong and also magnificent. however, who have high imagination, so that they can create very unique buildings make some people call amazing. dubai frame , dubai uni emirat arab architect : fernando donis size : width […]

function guava leaf to keep healthy

benefits if you consume guava leaf Indonesia country is a tropical season, so this saves many plants from creating a drug. Traditional medicine is an alternative for local people who want cheap and safe. Guava is fruits from America that have many benefits for a treat your health; in Indonesia, guava can meet and afford […]

print with pigment inks vs dye inks

Different between dye ink and pigment ink market sell any types of printer ink, and the most used is dye ink and pigment ink. This ink has deficiencies and advantages, so you must select the best for your work. Dye ink is type-based water; this ink sells very cheaply and safety for nozzle head, many […]

best ink and paper to print photo

What the paper and ink can choose you like photography or only take a picture with a smartphone camera, and you want to print out this, you must know how to select ink and paper recommended for you. If you come to the market, you will see so many printer brands like Epson, canon, brother, […]

traditional food from yogyakarta indonesia

Typical food from Yogyakarta province in Indonesia country, if you come to Indonesia to spend your vacation in the temple of Borobudur and Prambanan, your journey never completes if you did not try to eat different food from my country. Yes, you can try many types of food, never you meet in your country; it’s […]

why you need banana every day

Benefits of banana fruit You like yellow color, me too. If you vegetarian or fruit lover, you can try a banana; this fruit dominant with yellow color when mature and directly to eat. Banana can be raw to create delicious food, not only it; banana contains vitamins and carbohydrates, and its safety to eat when […]

can unlock iphone lock icloud

why iPhone very safety with iCloud Apple has a corporation created iPhone has many customers and lovers. Every launched new iPhone product, peoples in the very world enthusiast to buy or look at whats is new features in the new iPhone product. Some people assume if the iPhone is a brand, give social status in […]

how different chameleon and iguana

the difference between chameleon and iguana Iguana and chameleon a kind of reptile; they have similar but different. If you like a snake as a pet, you can try to maintain chameleon or iguana. They did not have venom and easy to find favorite food. When growing up, you can easy to differentiate them, but […]

Purpose pink color in every country

Different people meaning pink color in another country color has a sense and representative of a feeling or situation. in marketing products, the color used to grow sales point with finding favorite people color. Pink is color has a representative symbol of girl,  love, concern, mildness, etc. But, in some countries, pink has a different […]

indonesia vacation certified UNESCO

Vacation destination on Indonesia certified by UNESCO. Indonesia has many locations to save the culture and history of people in the past. UNESCO is implying the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. This organization supports peace and safety with promoted cooperation between countries through educational, scientific, and cultural. Every location certified by UNESCO will […]