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5 Flying Tips With Baby On Airplane You Should Know – There are many kinds of transportations we can use to travel to any places, to get to our destination. They are land transportation or ground transportation, water transportation, and air transportation. If you want to travel to places that are faraway in a shorter time, you can use commercial air transportations. Commercial air transportations that are usually used by many people are airplanes.

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Travelling by airplanes is super practical, economic, and efficient especially if you want to go to faraway place like abroad. Moreover, unlike other public transportations such as ground transportations, you do not have to jostle on the airplane. Although travelling by airplane is convenient, you will still experience some inconveniences especially if you’re a parent with a baby. It is indeed such a little hassle if you need to take your baby on a trip by plane. However, there are several tips for you to keep your baby safe while flying.

The Followings Are 5 Flying Tips With Baby On Airplane You Can Consider

Come To The Airport Earlier and Use A Porter Service

The first flying tips with baby on airplane you can consider is coming to the airport earlier. This is to avoid unpredictable things that can cause you late like the baby wants to defecate or falls asleep. Besides, it is better for you to use a porter service to carry away your luggage into the plane. It must be hard for you to carry both your baby and the luggage all together. Just in case, remember to not put any valuable things in your luggage that carried away by the porter.

Complete Your Baby With An Identification Card

The second tip if you take your baby on airplane is pin an identification card on your baby. It is suggested to complete your baby with identification card to minimize unexpected events such as missing or lost baby. With an identification card, it will be easier to find out your baby if he/ she is lost. You can attach this identification card to your baby’s clothes or make it a necklace or bracelet. However, you have to keep an eye on your baby on the airport so that he/ she does not need to be lost.

Bring All Essentials Needed By Your Baby In One Suitcase

The third flying tips with baby on airplane is to bring all your baby’s essentials in one suitcase. It is very important to bring all your baby needs when taking him/ her to travel. You need to bring him/ her enough clothes, diapers, favorite toys, wet and dry wipes. Consider to bring more diapers since the air pressure and temperature on the plane can affect baby’s excretory system. You also need to bring wet and dry wipes in case your baby vomits or spills the food.

Give Your Baby Food When The Plane Takes Off And Lands

The fourth tip you can consider is feeding your baby when the plane takes off and lands. Giving food or milk to your baby can help prevent him having colds and earache. Bring your own food from home especially if your baby has allergies to several types of food. Do not forget to bring personal medicines for your baby in case he/ she suddenly feels unwell on the plane. Also, bring earplugs for your baby to prevent him/ her experiences earache when the plane is about to take off.

Save Some Offline Videos Or Games

The fifth flying tips with baby on airplane is saving some offline videos or games to entertain your baby. Since your smartphone is not allowed to connect to the network, you need to download them before getting on airplane. Babies are very easily bored and cry, and by that you need to provide things that can amuse them. Videos featuring your baby’s favorite cartoons or colorful games with cute animations will grab his/ her attention. Thus, your baby will be entertained and stay happy during the trip/ travel.

Those are 5 flying tips with baby on airplane you should know and consider to make your trip/ travel hassle-free. Hope these information can help you travel with your baby by a plane comfortably. Stay safe, moms and dads!

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