5 flying tips with baby on airplane

what must You Should Know when travel

5 Flying Tips With Baby On Airplane You Should Know – There are many kinds of transportations we can use to travel to any places, to get to our destination. They are land transportation or ground transportation, water transportation, and air transportation. If you want to travel to places that are faraway in a shorter time, you can use commercial air transportations. Commercial air transportations that are usually used by many people are airplanes.

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Travelling by airplanes is super practical, economic, and efficient especially if you want to go to faraway place like abroad. Moreover, unlike other public transportations such as ground transportations, you do not have to jostle on the airplane. Although travelling by airplane is convenient, you will still experience some inconveniences especially if you’re a parent with a baby. It is indeed such a little hassle if you need to take your baby on a trip by plane. However, there are several tips for you to keep your baby safe while flying.

The Followings Are 5 Flying Tips With Baby On Airplane You Can Consider

Come To The Airport Earlier and Use A Porter Service

The first flying tips with baby on airplane you can consider is coming to the airport earlier. This is to avoid unpredictable things that can cause you late like the baby wants to defecate or falls asleep. Besides, it is better for you to use a porter service to carry away your luggage into the plane. It must be hard for you to carry both your baby and the luggage all together. Just in case, remember to not put any valuable things in your luggage that carried away by the porter.

Complete Your Baby With An Identification Card

The second tip if you take your baby on airplane is pin an identification card on your baby. It is suggested to complete your baby with identification card to minimize unexpected events such as missing or lost baby. With an identification card, it will be easier to find out your baby if he/ she is lost. You can attach this identification card to your baby’s clothes or make it a necklace or bracelet. However, you have to keep an eye on your baby on the airport so that he/ she does not need to be lost.

Bring All Essentials Needed By Your Baby In One Suitcase

The third flying tips with baby on airplane is to bring all your baby’s essentials in one suitcase. It is very important to bring all your baby needs when taking him/ her to travel. You need to bring him/ her enough clothes, diapers, favorite toys, wet and dry wipes. Consider to bring more diapers since the air pressure and temperature on the plane can affect baby’s excretory system. You also need to bring wet and dry wipes in case your baby vomits or spills the food.

Give Your Baby Food When The Plane Takes Off And Lands

The fourth tip you can consider is feeding your baby when the plane takes off and lands. Giving food or milk to your baby can help prevent him having colds and earache. Bring your own food from home especially if your baby has allergies to several types of food. Do not forget to bring personal medicines for your baby in case he/ she suddenly feels unwell on the plane. Also, bring earplugs for your baby to prevent him/ her experiences earache when the plane is about to take off.

Save Some Offline Videos Or Games

The fifth flying tips with baby on airplane is saving some offline videos or games to entertain your baby. Since your smartphone is not allowed to connect to the network, you need to download them before getting on airplane. Babies are very easily bored and cry, and by that you need to provide things that can amuse them. Videos featuring your baby’s favorite cartoons or colorful games with cute animations will grab his/ her attention. Thus, your baby will be entertained and stay happy during the trip/ travel.

Those are 5 flying tips with baby on airplane you should know and consider to make your trip/ travel hassle-free. Hope these information can help you travel with your baby by a plane comfortably. Stay safe, moms and dads!

Top 9 Rated Bali Indonesian Vacation Resorts

The 9 Top Rated Bali Indonesian Vacation Resorts For You If You Are Planning To Visit Bali

The 9 Top Rated Bali Indonesian Vacation Resorts For You If You Are Planning To Visit Bali – Bali is one of many islands in Indonesia which is very popular in the world. It becomes one of the most desirable places in Indonesia to be visited by both local and foreign tourists.

Bali has a beautiful and wonderful landscapes ranging from mountains to beaches. It also has lots of unique arts, cultures, and traditions that attract tourists to come to Bali for a vacation.

Besides its magnificent landscape and unique arts, cultures, and traditions, Bali is also famous for its religious tourism.

The majority of the Balinese population is Hindu. This what makes Bali is known as the Island of the Gods and the Island of a Thousand Temples. Nyepi, Ogoh-ogoh, Ngaben ceremony, Omed-omedan, and Mekotek are some of many Bali’s unique religious traditions. If you’re interested to visit Bali for a vacation, we’ve collected best 9 resorts in Bali for you to stay.

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bali indonesia vacation

The Best 9 Bali Indonesian Vacation Resorts You Can Choose While Staying In Bali

Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel

The first top rated Bali Indonesian vacation resort is Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. It is a seaside resort that has a direct view of Sanur Beach which is known as a sunrise beach. It is 4-star hotel with world class facilities which takes about 25 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

It offers you a chance to have a meal while enjoying the beautiful view of Sanur Beach. The room’s rate in this hotel for a night is quite cheap starting from $31 only.

Banyan Tree Ungasan Hotel

The second top rated Bali resort recommended for you is a 5-star hotel, Banyan Tree Ungasan. It’s located in Nusa Dua, close to the Uluwatu Temple, and it takes around 29 minutes drive from the airport. It is a cliff-top resort, 70 metres above Melasti Beach, that offers you a fantastic panorama of the Indian Ocean. You will be everyday spoiled with views of the white sand beach and a stunning blue sea.

Besides, Banyan Tree Ungasan Hotel also offers you an amazing and luxurious infinity pool.

travel tips when in indonesian

The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa

The third top rated Bali Indonesian vacation resort is The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa. It is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of Seminyak Bali and again, it is a beachfront hotel. It takes 22 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport via Jl. Sunset Road, 24 minutes via Jl. Raya Kuta. It presents you a new concept of Bali which offers a tropical sophistication theme in each room and suite.

Besides, this resort is close to famous places like Petitenget Beach and Ku De Ta Restaurant and Bar.

The Villas at Ayana Resort

The fourth top rated Bali hotel on this list is The Villas at Ayana Resort which located in Jimbaran. It is a 5-star hotel which has an infinity pool facing the sea and is surrounded by tropical garden.

Moreover, it provides a golf course you can use to play golf with your family or your friends. Besides, in terms of hospitality service, it provides you a free shuttle service to shopping center. It is 5 minutes from central Jimbaran and 24 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Grand Nikko Bali

The fifth top rated Bali Indonesian vacation resort is Grand Nikko Bali which is another cliff-top resort hotel. This 5-star hotel has 389 guest rooms and 19 luxury villas in total in which each room overlooks the garden.

For the dishes, they serve you various types of dishes such as Japanese, Continental, Asian, and Indonesian dishes.

This hotel is located at Tanjung Benoa (Benoa Bay) which takes 19 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach is 12 km from Garuda Wisnu Kencana and 14 km from Kuta.

Ayodya Resort Bali

The sixth top rated hotel in Bali recommended for you to stay while having a vacation is Ayodya Resort Bali.

This 5-star hotel has got a very neat traditional touch and is located in BTDC area in Nusa Dua. Ayodya Resort Bali offers you outdoor infinity pool, a gym, Balinese dinner theatre, a stylish lounge, and a casual bar/grill.

It is also close to local attractions such as Water Blow, Pandawa Beach, and GWK cultural park.

hotel which has beautiful beach views can be accessed from Ngurah Rai International Airport with a 20-minute drive.

Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

The seventh top rated Bali Indonesian vacation resort you can consider is Ayana Resort and Spa Bali. This hotel is a luxury beach 5-star hotel and is located on the top of a cliff at Bukit Peninsula. Ayana Resort and Spa Bali offers you ocean beach pool with a stunning Indian Ocean view.

It also offers you Kisik Seafood and Lounge where you can get a best dining moment with the sunset view.

This hotel is located in a very strategic location which is only 10 km away from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort

The eight top rated Bali hotel which can be your alternative is Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort. This hotel is built on the top of a cliff with fabulous view from Indian Ocean and Tanah Lot Temple. Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort is a 5-star hotel located in Tabanan which has won several awards. These awards include “Best Course in Indonesia”, “Best Course in Asia”, and has been called as “Asia’s Leading Golf Resort”. Sadly, the latest info reports that this classic luxury hotel is permanently closed.

unique design in world.

Inaya Putri Bali

The ninth top rated Bali Indonesian vacation resort is Inaya Putri Bali, another beachfront hotel located in Nusa Dua.

Furthermore, this 5-star hotel is located near famous local attractions such as GWK culture park and Bali National Golf Club. Its guest room has a contemporary style meanwhile its suite and villa imitate the style of the Penglipuran village Bali. If you want to have a Balinese cultural experience, you can straightly choose this hotel. For your information, this hotel is only 22 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Those are 9 best of the best Bali Indonesian vacation resort that can be alternatives if you come to Bali. To get to know the detail of facilities and prices, please check each hotel website on Google. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Bali, peeps!

flying tips with baby on airplane

tips when on the plane

There are times when we have to travel long distances, and one of the quickest solutions is by plane. However, what happens if we have a child who is impossible to stay and must be invited to go.
Maybe this is a bit of a hassle, but there are tips that you should do so that the baby you are carrying can be safe while on the plane.

Come to the airport sooner

Parents who bring their children must come to the airport 2 or 3 hours before the plane departs, this aims to prevent unexpected events, such as a child wanting to defecate, falling asleep, and other unexpected events.
Just imagine, if when the plane was about to leave your child suddenly asked to defecate. It must be really troublesome

Use a porter to transport goods and suitcases onto the plane.

If you have trouble carrying your suitcase and items, you can use a freight porter to help you. But remember, don’t put valuables in the suitcase, just in case.

flying tips with baby

put identification on your child.

To minimize unexpected events, such as missing or lost children. Pairing identification cards to children is highly recommended. You can attach it to bracelets, necklaces and clothes.
If your child is released or lost at the airport, with an identification, it can be easier for officers to find it.

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Bring children’s necessities in a separate suitcase

When inviting children to travel, the important thing is to make sure we bring their complete needs such as clothes, diapers, favorite toys, etc.
This aims to overcome in the event of unexpected events such as plane delay, children vomiting vomiting, wet clothes from spilled drinks.

Always bring wet wipes and dry wipes

Tissue is a mandatory item that many people always carry when traveling, so don’t forget it.

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Bring more diapers.

The air pressure and temperature on board the plane can affect the tummy of your baby and child. So bringing more diapers is more beneficial.

Bring earplugs for your child and baby.

The pain in the ear that will occur when the plane is about to take off can happen to your child or your baby. So use earplugs, you can wear a headset or regular earplugs.

Feed your child or baby when the plane takes off and lands

The goal is that your child’s ear doesn’t hurt, for the baby, you can feed him with milk.
By giving food to children, you can prevent colds.

You can bring your own food from home

If your child has allergies to several types of food, you can bring your own food from home, because later if your child gets sick on the plane, you will be very troublesome.

Save some playable offline videos or games.

Because on planes, smartphones cannot be used to connect to the network, so you can use your smartphone to entertain your children, with videos that make them not bored, or offline games.

Travel tips when in Indonesia

what to pay attention to when it comes to Indonesia

this country has many tourist destinations that are very beautiful and safe for anyone. One that is quite famous is the island of Bali.

Here, a variety of cultures and natural beauty can be found, and anyone can visit here as long as they meet the terms and conditions of the Indonesian state.

travel tips indonesia
travel tips when you come indonesia

Passport is an important requirement that foreign tourists visiting Indonesia must have. In order to maintain security for everyone, there are regulations that prohibit citizens from certain countries from coming here.

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After you have a passport, you are able to visit favorite places of foreign tourists, such as Bali Island, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat on Papua Island and so on.

When in Indonesia, don’t forget to exchange your currency for rupiah, and save it in an official Indonesian bank account. Carrying too many banknotes will be very dangerous and it will be safer to use a debit or credit card.

One of the banks that I recommend is BCA bank, because this company has the largest branch in Indonesia and is the most widely used.

using Bank BCA

BCA is that Bank Central Asia has many advantages, such as a convenient internet banking application, cash withdrawal features at various minimarkets, and so on.
If you like to stay at restaurants, hotels, using BCA bank is the right choice, because almost all places accept cash payments by debit cards and credit cards from this bank.

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Changing money from dollars to rupiah can also be done easily, because many merchants and minimarkets have worked together.
To become a BCA bank customer, citizens from other countries who already have a passport in Indonesia can join, the conditions are easy, you only need to bring your passport and official identification card and it is still valid from the country of origin.

speak english slowly.

When visiting Indonesia, there are times when you will experience something lost and need help from others.

In order for other people to know what you mean, you must be able to use English, because this language is the most widely spoken language.

However, not all Indonesians are fluent in English.
when you enter a village area you should be accustomed to speaking english slowly. Common questions that are easy to answer such as
Where am I now?
How much it costs ?
Can you show me the direction of the nearest hotel?

However, it’s a different story if you are at a hotel or airport, you can freely speak normal English, because the workers there must understand and understand.

unique buildings design in world

beautifull buildings ever made and very magnificent

an architect must be able to create a building design is beautiful, strong and also magnificent. however, who have high imagination, so that they can create very unique buildings make some people call amazing.

dubai frame , dubai uni emirat arab

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Pexels.com
Photo by Thais Cordeiro on Pexels.com

architect : fernando donis

size : width : 150 meters, high : 150 Meters.

inspired by photo frames, this building is the largest frame in the world.

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2. atomium, brussels, belgia

Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com
Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

This building ideas by engineers Andre waterkeyn and helped by architects Andre andJean Polak. this building has the fastest elevator in the world with a speed of 18 km / hour

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3.cube house, rotterdam , netherlands.

Photo by Karin S on Pexels.com
Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

architect : piet blom. live is urban describe this building. the idea using a house is tilted 45 degrees and resting on a hexagon-shaped pole. this design can make the room more spacious.

4.dancing house, praha, czech republlik.

Photo by Palu Malerba on Pexels.com

dancing house designed by vlado munic collaboration with frank gehry in 1992. this building create very unique and different with other buildings.

function guava leaf to keep healthy

benefits if you consume guava leaf

Indonesia country is a tropical season, so this saves many plants from creating a drug. Traditional medicine is an alternative for local people who want cheap and safe.

Guava is fruits from America that have many benefits for a treat your health; in Indonesia, guava can meet and afford to buy.

guava fruit

Leaf from the guava tree has benefits be medicine to colic, diarrhea. To make it very easy, you can directly eat the blade, or you mix it with a glass sugar or juice.

prevent from cancer

you want to know another benefit about it, read below

control blood sugar level in your body.

If your blood sugar level too high in your body, you can try to consume leaf because many local people in my country have been attempting it.

Many people with diabetes always drink tea made from guava leaf, and it’s useful.

read : traditional food from indonesia.

You must know, diabetes is disease cause stroke, and many people with blood sugar level too high, make him died.

make your hearth to keep healthy.

fruits to keep health

Vitamin and antioxidants in guava leaf can protect the heart from disease. Part of your body Never stop work when you sleep is your heart, so if this part not works, you died.

Heart disease can happen if too many cholesterols in your body.

relieve pain when menstruation.

benefits guava leaf

You women, when you get menstruation, you feel pain, so if you want to relieve it, you can eat juice from guava leaf. Ancient time local people in Indonesia using it, but now much modern medicine and people choose it, because more simple.

prevent from cancer.

Cancer is a dangerous disease has many kill human, and until now, not yet found an effective medicine to cure it. But, you also prevent it from consuming fruit or natural vegetable.

Drink a glass tea made guava leaf can prevent cell damage; because cancer born from broken sell in your body.

very good for your digestion.

Every people in my country know if consume guava leaf can protect the stomach for colin, and much modern medicine creates from raw guava leaf.

print with pigment inks vs dye inks

Different between dye ink and pigment ink

market sell any types of printer ink, and the most used is dye ink and pigment ink. This ink has deficiencies and advantages, so you must select the best for your work.

Dye ink is type-based water;

this ink sells very cheaply and safety for nozzle head, many officers using dye ink because they only print the document.

But, dye inks have a weakness; text or images has printed not long durable and fade if hit by water, a live maximum of five years. If you count the price of every document that has pointed out, it will be very cheap with the care of the printer.

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But, dye ink not recommended for photographers, architects, or professional need to document more durable and not fade. If I test to print out images, color reproduction not suitable, not contrast, and look too darker. I am using dye ink with the lowest price using my printer canon mp258..

printer with ink
printed out with dye ink using canon mp258

Next, I try pigment ink using Epson L360 to create a picture on paper, and I need images with beautiful color and natural.

dye ink vs pigments inks
printed out with pigment ink using epson L360

The pigment is ink-based oil paint, so this ink its more durable and not fade if the picture meets water.

But if your printer using pigment ink, you must activate or print images every day, and if your printer not using for seven days will be damaged because of the clogged nozzle head.

read : purpose pink colour.

Pigment ink supports much paper; this is more efficient, and many professionals like architects, photographers love it. But the price is higher with hard to care printer, a pigment not recommended for people need a print out for text only.

Not all printer support pigment ink, only Epson brand majority support it.

And pigment never mixed with dye ink, if you try to insert pigment ink in your ink tank with dye ink, so your printer will be damaged.

best ink and paper to print photo

What the paper and ink can choose

you like photography or only take a picture with a smartphone camera, and you want to print out this, you must know how to select ink and paper recommended for you.

If you come to the market, you will see so many printer brands like Epson, canon, brother, and others, but you must know to get the best quality images in paper, you must buy a specific printer for pictures.

choose best brand printer

best print for you

Typical printer with six colors tank is the best choice to get image more contrast, vivid and natural. For the brand printer, I recommended Epson, because Epson is a popular printer already use by officer and photographer and only Epson support pigment ink, other product like canon, brother only support dye ink ( only specific type support pigment ink, but its very expensive and hard to threated )

read : print with pipgment ink and dye ink.

after choose printer, you must choose type inks will you need, if you need an image with cheap printing and picture not durable, you can select dye ink. Dye created based water so that this ink can fade, maximal of endurance is five years.

But, if you need a picture on image more durable for 50 years, you can choose pigment ink, this can create color more vivid, contrast and natural. The pigment is ink-based oil, so the picture does not fade because moist, but before using this ink, you need to choose the right printer and costs every print image to be more expensive.

choose best paper photo

Many papers with texture and effect sell in the market, but you must know how type will support for your images, if you a photographer for sports action with need detailed, you must choose paper with silk texture like canvash.

best paper for printing

But for portrait pictures, close up, you can select a smooth and glossy type. But it’s only my personal experience when I print out an image.

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picture for many images

Another type for panorama picture, nature, forest, me always using paper with silk paper type, this has canvas texture, and resin-coated. If you were using this, your picture will look vast, shiny, and more vivid and contrast.

canvas texture image

If you have another think, its no problem, because I only the user and not professional in a photographer, just a hobby.

traditional food from yogyakarta indonesia

Typical food from Yogyakarta province in Indonesia country,

if you come to Indonesia to spend your vacation in the temple of Borobudur and Prambanan, your journey never completes if you did not try to eat different food from my country.

Yes, you can try many types of food, never you meet in your country; it’s only in Indonesia. This food already exists from last.

Although much new food like fast food from KFC, McDonald, Starbuck, this food still fell delicious, and many travelers love it.

This type of traditional food still exists in Yogyakarta

delicious snack called name Geplak

geplak food in yogyakarta

this food created with coconut and sugar; this food feels delicious, sweet, and soft. Price this food is very cheap and be favorite local people, to feel greater when eating this, you can drink with tea. 

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I like to buy this for a souvenir for my family at home, but this food created without preservatives, so this food only ages two days after created.

food from cassava called Gatot

unique food

Gatot is food that feels tasty; if you eat this with a glass of coffee, this food created with 100% from nature. To create it, people use cassava, sugar, and grated coconut. Never use coloring agents, and preservatives make this food very good for your body, but this food has short durable. The most extended age for this food after created is one day, so you can not using this be a souvenir; you buy you eat.

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” Tiwul “delicious and sweet in the mouth

food from last time

Tiwul is a popular traditional food and ever be a staple food for local people. Before people in Indonesia country get independence, they very hard to get rice, and only cassava can easy to find. The Price of rice very expensive, and only rich people can buy rice.

If people not eat, people will die, so to still alive, they make food will eat every day; they called Tiwul.

This food created from cassava and 100% from nature, so this food keeps your health. 

Local people or foreign tourists must try this food if they come to Jogjakarta to spend a vacation.

Food created from young jackfruit named Gudeg

popular food from indonesia

Gudeg is the typical food from Yogyakarta, many foreign tourists like this food after they try it, this food very unique because created by young jackfruit.

read : guava leaf for medicine.

Your journey in Yogyakarta never complete before trying all typical food in here.

This food has develope by local people to be more variant and taste. From all types of food has me write in this post, Gudeg is popular food loved by local people and tourists from another country.

why you need banana every day

Benefits of banana fruit

You like yellow color, me too. If you vegetarian or fruit lover, you can try a banana; this fruit dominant with yellow color when mature and directly to eat.

Banana can be raw to create delicious food, not only it; banana contains vitamins and carbohydrates, and its safety to eat when you diet.

benefit of banana

so, this post me will write about benefit a banana

this fruit can induces digestion

you have experience with colic, you will get it if you eat the wrong food for your body, but banana is one of more food will safety to eat and make your stomach healthy.

Banana meat has a soft texture and easy to digestible, and consume a banana every day, make you free from diarrheal diseases.

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If you are already pregnant, you must consume it to reduce morning sickness, because banana contains vitamin B6, this vitamin will decrease nausea and vomiting.

very good for blood pressure

banana also useful for stabilizing blood in the body, The American heart association ( AHA ) recommended consuming banana for people with hypertension. Still, it’s not worked if that person always consumes the wrong food, like food with many salts.

prevent people from a stroke

when you get old age, food will eat must be controlled to keep the body always healthy, you must eat natural food like fruit, vegetable, and grain growing on earth. Banana can be food to consume every day to keep a grandfather or grandmother always healthy.

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banana good for skin

banana meat contains vitamin C and nutrition, so you can be using a banana to be a lotion mask for your face, but you must use mature banana meat. 

Banana meat can you grind or blend; after that, you can spread to your face for 15 minutes, more excellent, you can use honey or yogurt to make your face moist.

This fruit grows in many worlds with many species. in Indonesia has 22 types of banana. You like this post, don,t worry about giving your like, thanks to you.